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What’s it all about?

Right you lot!   Now that we’re slowly but surely getting over this lockdown, my creative inner-beast is growling, gurgling and agitating to get out and create some amazing work.

I’ve come up with a project but I need your help:

I want to make pictures of you that says something about you: Maybe it’s a hobby, your job, your family, your volunteering, your calling, your passion.  It’s your story that I want imprinted into a photo.

I want to make this a real creative collaboration between us.

I’ll bring my camera, lighting gear, technical and creative know-how and you bring yourself.

You decide whether to dress up or dress down, and perhaps a prop or two.

Location would be the best place that tells your story: Your living room, a football field, your allotment, your office.

Please don’t think you have nothing to offer.  This isn’t about fancy hobbies and flamboyant passions.  First and foremost it’s about the human connection and to offer a little glimpse into what makes you, you.  And for you to have a wonderful photo of our time spent time together.

What will I use the photos for?  For social media initially, but who knows in the future.  It would be wonderful to get enough traction for these to be published and exhibited in future.

I’d love these to be a true collaboration of creativity for Croydon and close surroundings.

So what do you say?  Drop me a line at using the contact form below or DM on Instagram.

The pictures below are not a style guide as to what I want the pictures to look like, but they represent the essence of what I want to create with you: A storytelling portrait.


© Polly Braden

© Vivek Vadoliya

© Orsolya Boncser

© Ryan Schude

© Euan Myles

© Alexander Fleming